SAP-EWM Training

SAP EWM Training in Hyderabad / Bangalore

As the Leading SAP-EWM Training Institute in Hyderabad-Bangalore, Success IT offers online as well as class room training for SAP EWM module. We have more than 15+ years of training experience in SAP and as well as Real –time working experience in all SAP modules. Training at Success IT is incomparable with any other and they will train you in such a way you will have clear balancing between the theoretical knowledge and real world environment.

SAP EWM Online / Classroom Training Course Contents

EWM Introduction and Overview
  • Introduction to ECC - WM
  • Extended Ware House Management
  • Difference Between WMS and EWM
  • QRFC Connection (Between ECC and EWM) Setup complete
ECC Organization Structure overview
  • Plant, Storage Location, Shipping Point, Shipping Condition, Loading Group.
  • Mapping Plant/ Storage Location to ECC --> Warehouse
  • Link ECC --> Warehouse
EWM Structure
  • Organizational Units in EWM
  • Warehouse, Storage Type, Activity Areas
  • Exercise
Master Data in EWM
  • Master Data Creation
  • CIF Process Overview
  • CIF Exercise
  • Vendor Master --> BP Roles
  • Customer Master --> BP Roles
  • Product Master
  • Bin Master -- Create/Change/View
  • Pack spec Overview
  • Master Data
Transaction Data overview
  • Outbond Delivery Flow
  • Inbound Deliver Flow
  • Linking ECC --> EWM Documents
EWM Documents
  • Inbound Delivery Notification
  • Inbound Delivery
  • Outbound Delivery Notification
  • Outbound Delivery Order
  • Outbound Delivery
  • Warehouse Order
  • Warehouse Task
GR and Inbound Process
  • Putaway Process and strategies
  • Process Oriented Storage Control
  • Layout Oriented Storage Control
  • Packing, HU Management, Pack spec
  • Deconsoidation
  • VAS
  • EWM Quality Management
  • Slotting and Rearrangement
Putaway Strategies:
  • Fixed Storage Bin
  • Addition to Existing Stock
  • General Storage
  • Empty Storage bin
  • Near Fixed Picking bin
  • Pallet Storage
  • Bulk Storage
GI and Outbound Process
  • GI Process and Stock Removal Strategies
  • Packing Specifications and Condition technique for packing specifications
  • WOCR
  • Wave Processing
  • Replenishment
Stock Removal Strategies
  • FIFO
  • LIFO
  • SLED
  • Fixed Storage bin
  • Partial quantities first
  • Stock Removal Suggestion according to Quantity
  • Preferred Unit of Measure last
Price Comparison of Quotations
  • Comparison of Quotations with Mean Price
  • Maximum Price and Minimum Price
  • Use of Collective Number for Comparison
Warehouse Monitor
  • Monitor Overview
  • Warehouse Management Monitor
  • Easy Graphics Framework
  • Montor Capabilities
  • Configuration of Warehouse Monitor
Travel Distance Calculation
  • Examples for Travel Distance Calculation
  • Networks
  • Settings for Travel Distance Calculations
Shipping and Receiving
  • Master Data:
  • Create Vehicles and TU for Inbound and Outbound Process
  • Business Process i.e Shipping and Receiving activity
  • Transportation Planning for inbound and Outbound in ERP and in EWM
  • Assignment of Deliveries to Vehicles and TU’s
  • Loading and Unloading , Complex Loading and Unloading
  • Loading and Unloading with RF
  • Integration of ERP deliveries in Shipping and Receiving
  • Integration of ERP shipment in Shipping and Receiving
  • Staging area and Door Determination
Handling Unit Management
  • Packaging Materials
  • Packaging Specifications
  • Packing during Deliveries
  • Packing at Work centre
  • Packing during WT confirmation
  • Packing using RF
  • Deconsolidation using RF
Release strategies for purchase documents
  • Release Procedure for PR
  • Release Procedure for External Purchasing Documents
Stock Identification
  • Stock Identification in GR and GI process
  • Usage of Stock Identification
  • Stock Identification when splitting WT
  • Stock Identification when splitting stock in GR process
  • Stock Identification when splitting stock in GI process
Resource Management
  • Resource , Resource Type , Resource Group
  • Assignment of Warehouse Order to Resource
  • Queue’s
Wave Management
  • Wave
  • Processing of Waves
  • Two Step Picking
Catch Weight
  • Catch Wight effects on Processes in EWM
  • Catch Weight in Delivery
  • Catch Weight in Physical Inventory
Value Added Services
  • VAS order
  • GR process with VAS order
  • GI process with VAS order
  • Warehouse internal process with VAS order
Labor Management
  • Labor Management overview
  • Master data in Labor Management , i.e Processor , Formula and Condition Editor
  • Configuration settings for LM
  • Indirect Labor
  • Engineered Labor Standards
  • Planned and Executed workload
Yard Management
  • Staging Area/ Door/li>
  • Door Assignment
  • Check Point
  • Check in and Check out operations
  • TU /Vehicle Overview
  • GI At TU Level
  • Configuration settings for RFID
  • RFID process in GR and GI process
  • Auctions in RFID:
  • Automatic Loading and Unloading with RFID
  • Automatic Packing with RFID
  • RFID with Resources
Material Flow Systems
  • Structure of MFS’s
  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • MFS in Easy Graphics Framework
  • Resource
  • MFS in Warehouse management monitor
  • Exception handling
Physical Inventory
  • Periodic Physical inventory process
  • Continuous physical inventory process
  • Cycle Counting process
Cross Docking
  • Planned Cross docking
  • Opportunistic Cross docking
  • Exception handling in CD
  • Work centre determination in CD
EWM Integration with Quality Inspection
EWM Integration with Batch Management