SAP-FI/CO Training

SAP FI/CO Training in Hyderabad / Bangalore

As the Leading SAP-FI/CO Training Institute in Hyderabad-Bangalore, Success IT offers online as well as class room training for SAP FI/CO module. We have more than 15+ years of training experience in SAP and as well as Real –time working experience in all SAP modules. Training at Success IT is incomparable with any other and they will train you in such a way you will have clear balancing between the theoretical knowledge and real world environment.

SAP FI/CO Online / Classroom Training Course Contents


  • SAP evolution - Genesis of the Company and Product
  • SAP R/1, R/2, R/3,,mySAP Business suite—Architecture and features
  • SAP Project environment-SAP Projects; Life Cycle-implementation, Up-gradation, Roll-out and Support
  • SAP methodologies - ASAP and Solution Manager
  • SAP consultancy - Roles and Responsibilities of Consultants System landscape and Change Transport system
  • SAP clients: Client specific data and Client independent data
  • Business Process - Configuration and customization, SAP software logistics -
  • Reference IMG and ABAP workbench
  • Logging into SAP system, Navigation, Easy access and Reference IMG, Project IMG
  • Enterprise IMG



Country Settings, Define Country, Define Regions, Define Country Specific Checks, Currency Settings, Define Currency, Define Exchange Rate Types, Define Translation Ratios, Define Exchange Rates, Define Unit of Measurement, Define Calendar


Define & Assign Organizational Units for Finance, Company, Company Codes Business Area, Consolidated Business Area, Functional Area, Credit Control Area, Funds Management Area

Withholding Tax

Define Withholding Tax Types, Define WT Income Types, Define WT Tax Codes Define Account Assignment

GENERAL LEDGER Configuration

Chart of Account, Accounts Groups and screen layout , Define Retained Earnings Account,Assign ment to Co. Code, Define GL Tolerances,Inter Company Settings Automatic Account Assignment For: Discounts, Exchange Rate Differences,GL Planning Settings

Master Data

G L Master Data, Centralized Maintenance of GL,Chart of Account Segment Co. Code Segment

Transactions & Reports

General Ledger Postings, Document display and account display, Reversal of documents-types of reversals, Foreign currency postings, Revaluation of Foreign currency Balances, Month End Activities & Year End Activities.

GL Reports

GL Balances Report: Trial Balance, P&L Report, B/S Reports, Other Reports



Define Account Groups with Screen Layout, Create Number Ranges, Assign No. Ranges to Vendor Account Groups, Define Tolerance Groups for vendors, Define Payment Methods,Define Payment Terms, Define House Banks, Define Bank Key, Define Bank Accounts, Define Ac count Assignment to Bank Account, Define Automatic Payment Programme.

Master Data

Vendor Master Data, FI Vendor, Centralized Vendors, Bank Master Data Transactions & Reports Purchase Invoice Posting, Display Vendor Account Balances, Outgoing Payment with Clearing, Advance Payment Postings, Vendor Clearings, Credit Memo Postings, Month End Activities.

Vendor Reports

Vendor Balances Reports, Vendor Payment Reports, Tax Reports, WT Tax Reports, Other Reports


Configuration Steps

Define Account Groups with Screen Layout, Create Number Ranges for Customer Accounts ,Assign No. Ranges to Customer Account Groups, Tolerance Groups for Customers, Payment Terms, Dunning procedure.

Master Data

FI Customers, Centralized Customers

Transactions & Reports

Sales Invoice Posting, Display Customer Account Balances, Incoming Receipt with Clearing, Advance Receipt Postings, Month End Activities

Customer Reports

Customer Balances Report, Customer Payment Reports, Other Reports



Chart of Depreciation, Depreciation Areas, Asset Classes, Screen Layout, Account, determination,Number ranges, Posting rules, Determination of depreciation area, for asset class, Depreciation Key, Legacy Data Transfer Rules, Currency Setting or, Depreciation Area

Master Record

Asset Master Record

Transactions & Reports

Asset Acquisition, Assets Retirement, Asset transfers & Asset Scrapping, Depreciation run, Month End Activities

Asset Reports

Asset Balances Reports, Asset History Reports, Other Reports


  • FI & CO Integration
  • FI & SD Integration
  • FI & MM Integration
  • FI & HR Integration


General Controlling Settings

Definition & Assignment of Organizational Units, Maintain Controlling Area, Maintain Operation Concern, Define document number range for controlling, Document, Maintain versions



Definition of cost elements Primary cost, Elements and Secondary Cost Elements Cost element categories, cost element groups, Controlling Area and Automatic Creation of Cost element, Reconciliation ledger, Define Document number range for Reconciliation Ledger

Master Data

Cost Element, Cost Element Groups

Transactions & Reports

Primary & Secondary Cost Elements, Cost Element Reports


Cost Center Activation in CO Area, Cost Center Categories, Cost Center Groups Activity Type Categories, Define Allocation Cycles For Planning & Actual Transactions for, Distribution, Reposting, Assessment, Activity Allocation

Master Data

Cost Center, Activity Type, Statistical Key Figure

Transactions & Reports

Cost Center Posting from FI, CO Document Display, Planning in Cost Center Cost Center Allocation for Plan & Actual


Cost Center Plan Reports, Cost Center Actual Transaction Reports, Other Reports



Basic settings, Creation of dummy profit center, Profit Center Hierarchy Creation of Account groups, Assignment of Profit center in cost centers, Define Allocation Cycles For Planning & Atual Transactions for, Distribution, Reposting, Assessment, Derivation rules creation for revenue elements, Derivations rules creation for Balance Sheet accounts.

Master Data

Profit Center, Profit Center Groups

Transactions & Reports

Cost & Revenue Booking to Profit Centers, Planning Profit center vise for P&L items and Balance Sheet items, Posting of transactions in FI, Month End Allocation from Profit Centers


Profit center Actual Reports, Profit Center Plan Reports, Other Reports



Introduction to Profitability analysis, Data Flow in Profitability Analysis, Maintain Operating Concern, Data Structure, Define Characteristics, Define Value Fields, Direct posting from FI/MM,Activate profitable analysis

Master Data

Profitability Segment

Transactions & Reports

FI/SD/CO Booking to Profitability Segment


Profitability Segment Reports / Forms / Report Painter


Product Cost Planning
Cost Object Controlling